Key Developments

Will Asia Pick up the Pieces in Afghanistan?

By James Durso

The U.S. and NATO  hastily evacuated Afghanistan on 15 August 2021, ending the two-decade, $2 trillion-dollar…

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Indian Defense Modernization: Surge in Artillery Capability for the Army as Key Element

By Debalina Ghoshal

The growing tensions over the Line of Actual Control (LAC)  vis a vis China calls for…

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Will the Syrian Earthquake Usher Damascus into the Middle East Mainstream?

By James Durso

Bashar and Asma al-Assad were as good as it was going to get in Syria. The…

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Mobilising National Logistics in Support of Military Operations

By David Beaumont

‘The role of industrial preparedness in military strategy is anomalous. Prospectively, the role is almost always…

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America First and Critical Minerals: The Need for an Allied Approach

By John Coyne

Over the past few years, Covid-19, climate change and Chinese economic coercion have catalysed rapid global…

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The Irish Opportunity: Ireland Rethinks its Role in Security and Defense in Europe

By Robbin Laird

Ireland in my lifetime has been more likely a defense problem than part of a defense…

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Special Reports
With the looming defence strategic review launched by the new Labour government, the Williams Foundation seminar held on...
Book Review
In 1951, during my first year at Queen’s College, Taunton, then a boarding school for boys (it is now coeducational) we had a marvelous history teacher, H. J. Channon, better known to everyone as “Dapper. ” H. J. Channon was...
Featured Defense System
By Robbin Laird

Ed Timperlake and I focused on the shift from platforms to payloads in shaping multi-domain combat forces. This means that one needs to consider the payloads which can operate in the operational area designed to achieve the desired effect. With regard to USVs, the performance of the platform is crucial but one evaluates its contribution in terms of what payloads it can deliver. In an interview last year with Bruce Hanson CEO of MARTAC, the builder and operator of a number of USV systems, we discussed how his platforms can deliver a wide variety of payloads. "The range of scalable catamarans by MARTAC are designed to be operated with robust systems software onboard and a variety of communications capabilities to deliver mission commands to the autonomously operating boats....

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