Key Developments

The US Withdraws from the INF Treaty: The Day After Challenges

By Robbin Laird

On August 2, 2019, NATO issued a statement with regard to the US decision to withdraw…

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Building a New Allied Frigate: The Case of the Type 26

By Sunil Ram

The origin of the Type 26 ship design began in 1998 with the UK’s Future Surface…

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China, Australia and the Australian Debate About Its Evolving Relationship

By Graeme Dobell

The comfortable Canberra consensus on how to handle China has boiled over. A set of simmering…

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India and Shipbuilding: Shaping a Naval Eco-System

By India Strategic

India can be a hub for warships production and repair for friendly countries Shipbuilding can contribute…

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Industry 4.0 in Aerospace and Defense: Shaping a Way Ahead

By Evan Butler-Jones

The benefits of Industry 4.0 for A&D manufacturers are enormous but involve critical decisions on digital…

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Elon Musk Has Found the 2019 Version of Mr. Smith: Jimmy Stewart Would Not Be Needed in This Role

By Sue Ghosh Stricklett

The astonishing drama that played out on the floor of the House of Representatives on July…

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Special Reports
Australia and the UK are located in very different parts of the world. But both face significant challenges...
Book Review
The strategic shift from the Middle East wars to the question of 21stcentury global conflict among the core global powers is occurring in the context of a thirty-year process of globalization. This means that the classic understanding of national or...
Featured Defense System
By George Galorisi

While logistics isn’t a topic that typically evokes deep passion, it should be. Almost four decades ago, General Robert Barrow, USMC, Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, coined a phrase that is still a staple of U.S. War College curricula, "Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics." More recently,at the 2019 USNI/AFCEA “West” symposium, Brigadier General Arthur Pasagian, USMC, Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command, noted, “Logistics is a key enabler for all we do.” Second Line of Defense has featured a number of articles focused on logistics and the supply chain. The majority of these have focused on “big picture” logistics issues, for example, Robbin Laird’s, “The US Logistics Systems: The Challenge of a Strategic Reset.” SLD has also featured articles about expeditionary operations, especially those conducted by...

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