Key Developments

Norway, the Taliban, and the Afghan Situation

By Norwegian Ministry of Defence

In a press releases issued by the Norwegian government on January 21, 2022, the projected talks…

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The Seabase Piece of Mobile Basing

By Robbin Laird

The strategic importance of mobile basing goes up with the importance of complicating your adversaries’ targeting…

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Mobile Basing as a Strategic Capability: Continuing the Conversation

By Robbin Laird

Recently, I started a series looking at the emergence of mobile basing as a strategic capability…

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Can Nations and Navies Create a New Paradigm for Ocean Observation?

By George Galdorisi

For two weeks in November 2021, the Glasgow climate change summit dominated national and international headlines.…

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The ADF and the Australian Space Enterprise

By Robbin Laird

At the December 1, 2021, Williams Foundation seminar on shaping a way ahead for the Australian…

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Australia’s Space Strategy: 2021

By Media Team

In November 2021. the Australian government released its roadmap to develop the Australian space industry. According…

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Special Reports
Recently, the Williams Foundation held its latest bi-annual seminar, this one focused on the way ahead for the...
Book Review
I have been focused for several years on how to craft a full spectrum crisis management force to provide for escalation control, escalation management and escalation dominance. I have also argued that we have a significant deficit with regard to...
Featured Defense System
By UK Ministry of Defence

According to a UK MoD press release on December 8, 2021, the UK-French Maritime Mine Counter Measures Program has delivered a new capability for the force. A cutting-edge autonomous system able to detect modern sea mine threats and reduce risk to life has been delivered to the Royal Navy. The remotely-operated boat, controlled from either a ship or land, tows a highly-sensitive detection device to combat sea mines and keep ships and personnel away from danger. Made possible under the joint Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) programme between the UK and France, the system, produced by Thales UK, has commenced rigorous capability development trials with the Royal Navy. The technology will sit alongside other MMCM systems provided through an additional £184 million investment, agreed last year, and supporting around 215...

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