Key Developments

The Timeline for the Tiltrotor Enterprise: A Con-Ops Perspective (Part Four)

By Robbin Laird

The focus on distributed operations – Maritime DO, the USMC EABOs, and the Air Force agile…

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Trap and Blank Check: A Cautionary Note About Bush and Afghanistan Published in 2001

By Kenneth Maxwell

On. 6 October 2001, Kenneth Maxwell published a piece on Afghanistan on a Brazilian website, which…

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USMC Transformation Path: A Discussion with LtGen Heckl

By Robbin Laird

Recently, I met with LtGen Heckl in his office at Quantico. I have known him for…

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The RAAF at Red Flag Nellis 24-1

By By Flight Lieutenant Claire Burnet

Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) aviators have joined counterparts from the United States and United Kingdom…

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The Timeline for the Tiltrotor Enterprise: A Platform Perspective

By Robbin Laird

There are various ways one can conceptualize the timeline for the emergence and evolution of the…

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Crafting, Operating and Shaping a Way Ahead for a Tiltrotor Enterprise

By Robbin Laird

The concept of having a combat “helicopter” that can fly at the speed of an airplane…

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Special Reports
On 27 September 2023, the second Williams Foundation seminar for the year was held at the National Gallery...
Book Review
Heroes come cheap these days. The word is used so promiscuously for well-paid sports stars and short-lived celebrities that when a real hero appears he or she makes people uncomfortable. The recent presidential election showed a real hero entering the...
Featured Defense System
By Robbin Laird

The focus on distributed operations – Maritime DO, the USMC EABOs, and the Air Force agile combat employment – fits the capabilities of the Osprey – with its speed, range, air refuelable capability – perfectly. It is both an enabler of distributed operations and a benefactor from such operations. It can create distributed points of operation, and can leverage them. The payload revolution associated with distributed operations is enabling the emergence of a kill web force. Ed Timperlake and I have written a book on the coming of the maritime kill web force and explained in detail the nature of such operations. But a key to being able to do so is the C2-ISR revolution which can proliferate payloads to be inserted in air, ground, space and maritime...

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