Key Developments

Designing and Building the Barramundi Submarine: Is Naval Group Up to the Challenge?

By Robbin Laird

There is a clear misperception with regard to the French and the Australian new build attack…

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The Next Phase for FCAS: The French and German Governments Commit Development Funding

By Pierre Tran

Paris – France and Germany launched Feb. 12 a technology demonstrator project for a Future Combat Air…

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5G Systems and Strategic Choices

By Simeon Gilding

It is disappointing that the Brits are doing the wrong thing on 5G, having not exhausted other possibilities.…

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Crisis Management and the Return of Direct Defense in Europe


We have argued that rather than looking at the transition from the land wars as one…

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The Sally B in Belgium: A Fly-past Honoring the Fallen Warriors from the 92 Bombing Group

By Captain Peter Kuypers

On Wednesday 13 September 1944, just a few days before operation Market Garden, a lone B-17G…

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Models of Technological Innovation: Charting an Australian Path

By Lesley Seebeck

Discussions on technology and strategy in Canberra typically lead down one of three paths. The first…

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Special Reports
This Special Report focuses on how the US Navy is reshaping its capabilities for the 21st century fight....
Book Review
As Putin reshaped Russia in the early 20th Century, the key focus was upon restoring state power, and the ability of the state to leverage the Russian economy to restore Russian power, global standing and respectability. A key focus of...
Featured Defense System
By Andrew McLaughlin

AWI course candidates are drawn from an increasing number of RAAF air combat specialties. The FCI course was founded in 1954 by WGCDR Dick Creswell to develop specialist Fighter Combat Instructors from air combat lessons he had learned as Commanding Officer of 77SQN in the Korean War, and his previous air combat experience in WWII. In 1954 the RAAF was flying Gloster Meteor fighters, and through the following four decades course candidates operated the CA-27 Sabre, Dassault Mirage IIIO, and the classic Hornet. In 1992 the FCI course was expanded for the first time to include ground-based Fighter Intelligence Instructors (FII) and Fighter Combat Controllers (FCC), while later that decade the first F-111C strike crews were also invited to undertake the course and graduate as FCI ‘patch-wearers’. FCIs are...

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