Key Developments

Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue: An All-Female Tank Corps Takes the Fight to the Terrorists

By Ed Timperlake

The headline for this article was said about Marines in the battle for Iwo Jima. Marines…

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Industry 5.0 and The Future Direction of A&D Manufacturing

By Matt Medley

Although Industry 5.0 is still an emerging approach, early understanding is that it is not just…

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President Xi in San Francisco: Kiss and Make Up with the Biden Administration?

By Harald Malmgren and Pippa Malmgren

The world has suffered deeply from the breakdown of relations between the U.S. and China. Since…

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Hamas, Israel’s Golem: The Danger of Working with Religious-inspired Proxies

By James Durso

It seemed like a good idea at the time, they said in Jerusalem on 8 October…

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Armistice Day in London: Crisis and Consequences

By Kenneth Maxwell

This year on Saturday 11th of November on the streets of central London a vast 300,000…

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A Key Aspect of the New Historical Era: Multi-Polar Authoritarianism

By Robbin Laird

Rather than a world of multi-polarity or great national power competition, a key aspect of the…

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Special Reports
On 27 September 2023, the second Williams Foundation seminar for the year was held at the National Gallery...
Book Review
I am currently in Australia but preparing to leave tomorrow for the United States. But before leaving, I have updated the first edition of my book entitled, Australian Defence and Deterrence: A 2023 Update. This is a revised edition of...
Featured Defense System
By Christopher Misner

How many times have you walked out to your aircraft, whether fixed or rotary wing, on the flight deck or the flight line of some air station, and not even considered the efforts that went into providing you an “up-bird” ready to fly? While I am proud to work at Bell Textron Inc., I fondly recall my days flying in the Sikorsky H-60 or Boeing T-45. Every take-off during my career was followed by a safe landing, and I am grateful to those OEMs. But beyond maybe understanding the GE supplied the engines on the H-60, a fact drilled into your head from Day three or four at the Fleet Replacement Squadron Ground School, I too am guilty of never really understanding, or taking the time to understand,...

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