Key Developments

Israeli Capabilities and Crafting Australian Active Defenses

By Max Blinken

Israel is a nation under constant threat, and has developed very advanced defensive capabilities including an…

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Northern Australia: Building a Space Coast?

By Malcolm Davis

Mention the term ‘space coast’ and the image of launch pads and gantries at NASA’s John F.…

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The Next Phase of Airpower Transformation for the UK: Putting Team Tempest in Perspective

By Robbin Laird, Research Fellow, The Williams Foundation, Canberra, Australia

At the Farnbourgh Air Show last year, then Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, highlighted the new UK…

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French Investments in Laser Weapons: ONERA at the Paris Air Show 2019

By Pierre Tran

Paris – France is poised to invest 10s of millions of euros into research and development…

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French Air Force’s Renaissance

By Mureille Delaporte

As the Paris Air Show gets ready to open its doors next week, one can only…

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Zero to Five Combat Preparations: The Future Is Now.

By Ed Timperlake

In forging the American Military, our nation recognizes that the basic building block of success in…

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Special Reports
Australia and the UK are located in very different parts of the world. But both face significant challenges...
Book Review
Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian (1869-1955) was known during his lifetime as "Mr. Five Per Cent.” This was after his personal share of Middle East oil. He has remained a very elusive historical individual, a spider at the heart of a veritable...
Featured Defense System
By UK Ministry of Defence

According to an article published by the UK Ministry of Defence on May 23, 2019, RAF Typhoons are trialling BriteCloud. Speaking at the Typhoon Ministerial Meeting in Germany, Defence Minister Stuart Andrew announced the beginning of a series of capability tests of BriteCloud, a drinks-can sized missile decoy to protect combat jets from the latest radar-guided missiles. BriteCloud uses powerful radar emissions to disrupt the targeting system within air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, drawing them away to a safe distance. The device can be fired from an aircraft flare dispenser without the need for modification to the aircraft. Designed and manufactured in Luton by Leonardo, the miniature decoy has been tested and released for the first time aboard the RAF’s fleet of Typhoon aircraft. The MOD has been working...

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