Key Developments

China, Australia and Global Change: Why a European Agreement Now?

By Robbin Laird

Recently, I had a chance to talk with Ross Babbage, a leading Australian strategist about the…

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NATO’s Perspective on the China Challenge


In the November 2020 report entitled, NATO 2030: United for a New Era, the nature of…

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A European Perspective on China

By The European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC)

The European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) recently published its report entitled Europe in the Face…

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UAE Arms Company as Top 25 Global Arms Exporter

By defenceWeb

Sales of arms and military services by the sector’s largest 25 companies totalled $361 billion in…

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The UK, France and Sovereignty in the 21st Century

By Pierre Tran

Paris – The Brexit campaign flew the flag of national sovereignty in leaving the European Union,…

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Europe and the Mediterranean: The Challenges in 2021

By Robbin Laird and Kenneth Maxwell

As 2021 begins the European and Mediterranean region is in the throes of fundamental change. How…

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Special Reports
I first visited 2nd MAW in 2007, at the beginning of the Osprey era. There I saw a small...
Book Review
In his book entitled, Selling Schweinfurt, Brian D. Vlaun, provides an assessment of  the combat leaders supported by their support structures of cross-cutting assessments of target effectiveness sorted through the challenge of how to use the World War II European-based...
Featured Defense System
By Australian Defence Business Review

The Commonwealth has announced that Australia will order an additional two Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime ISR and response aircraft for the RAAF. The two aircraft will add to the 12 P-8As already in service with the RAAF’s 11SQN at Edinburgh in Adelaide. The aircraft are two of the three options the RAAF was holding and which were required to be firmed up by the end of 2020. As long-lead production of the P-8A will soon begin to wind down, it is possible the final option will lapse. The P-8A was ordered by the RAAF in 2014 under the Project Air 7000 Phase 2B manned maritime patrol aircraft requirement to replace the Lockheed AP-3C Orion in RAAF service, with an initial order for eight aircraft and four options. Australia...

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