Key Developments

Shaping a Way Ahead for Mobile Basing

By Robbin Laird

The USMC has mobile basing in its DNA. With the strategic shift from the Middle Eastern…

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Belarus, Poland and the Border Crisis

By Marcin Gawęda

Militarisation of the migration crisis has become apparent, for a few weeks now. Even though there…

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Power Projection to Australia

By Chris Mcinnes

Mention power projection in Australian defence circles, and the conversation will default to talking about ADF…

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Basing, Geography and Maneuver Warfare at Sea

By Robbin Laird

In a 2020 Congressional Research Service note on geography and U.S force structure, a key argument…

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Exercise Sea Breeze 2021: Information War at Sea

By Media Team

If one would read the latest version of Russian military doctrine published this July, one would…

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Uzbekistan’s Presidential Elections: What is Uzbekistan’s Path to the Future?

By James Durso

Uzbeks headed to the polls on 24 October to elect a president. The incumbent, Shavkat Mirziyoyev,…

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Special Reports
In this report, I have brought together my pieces (with one exception) on the CH-53K published since mid-2020....
Book Review
For many of us, Australia has always been a somewhat mysterious, exotic continent, a great travel destination and a country from which kangaroos and koalas first come to mind. Very few people know that as a reaction to the power...
Featured Defense System
By Australian Defence Business Review

The Royal Australian Navy officer overseeing the planned Collins submarines Life-Of-Type Extension (LOTE) program says hull fatigue studies had found the Collins boats could achieve the extended operational life needed while new nuclear subs enter service. Executive director of the Collins LOTE program, CAPT Dan LeRaye said there were five lines of effort in the scoping studies for the proposed Collins LOTE program, one relating to hull fatigue. “That was pretty much a deal breaker,” he told the Submarine Institute of Australia (SIA) conference in Adelaide on November 9. “If the hull couldn’t go the extra distance, there was no point in doing life extension. I know that work was done. I know the answer was favourable, and I know the answer was peer-reviewed by both (the US...

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