Key Developments

Made-in-Canada Procurement Options

By Paul Church

When the Government awards large contracts for defence-related platforms, equipment or systems, it is keen to…

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Shaping a Way Ahead for the Australian Guided Weapons Industry: Next Steps

By Australian Department of Defence

Two recent articles published by the Australian Department of Defence provided updates on the way ahead…

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Lessons Learned from the Land Wars for the Future of Airpower

By Robbin Laird

Two recent assessments of airpower in the land wars have reached very opposite conclusions. In some…

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Training, Skill Sets and the High-End Fight

By Robbin Laird

In my last article focused on training for the high-end fight, I addressed the challenges which…

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Russia’s Emerging Hypersonic Strike Systems

By Richard Weitz

In recent years, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials have emphasized their military’s…

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VADM Lewis on the Full Operational Capability of Allied Joint Forces Command, July 15, 2021

By Robbin Laird

I “attended” the Full Operational Capability ceremony for Allied Joint Forces Command on July 15, 2021…

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Special Reports
In this report, the key themes and presentations at the April 8, 2021, Williams Foundation seminar on Next...
Book Review
It is symbolically a Christmas in July for Rappahannock County Virginia because a new book of Poetry by T. C. Pelegatta Jr. has just been published. I had the opportunity to review Ted Pellegatta’s previous works of art,. He is...
Featured Defense System

Defence Ministers from 10 NATO countries on Wednesday (9 June 2021) agreed to bolster the training of their nation’s military pilots, taking advantage of new technologies such as virtual reality As part of NATO’s Flight Training Europe programme – or NTFE – Ministers agreed to create a network of European training centers for fighter jet, helicopter and drone pilots. This NATO High Visibility Project will reduce training costs and increase interoperability among participating air forces. “NATO troops operate and deploy together. So it makes sense that they also systematically prepare and train together”, said NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană in Brussels. The operational core of NFTE captures participants’ contributions and services received. Its design incentivizes continuous investment by the participants in enhancing NFTE training solutions.  “Most importantly, by...

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