Key Developments

NASA Bidding Must Become More Competitive

By James Durso

With Hurricane Ian poised to take the southern United States by storm, industry observers report the…

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The Arsenal of 21st Century Authoritarians: The Chinese-Russian Partnership

By Sheryn Lee

Moscow’s deepening reliance on Beijing is of long-term concern to Australia and its Indo-Pacific partners. In…

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Thomas Jefferson in France

By Kenneth Maxwell

The Minas conspirators saw the American Revolution as relevant because they perceived the tax demands (the…

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Will Vladimir Putin Change the Face of War?

By James Durso

The American president Joe Biden recently warned Russian president Vladimir Putin to not “change the face…

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Australia and the Role for Long Range Anti-Ship Missiles: An Indian Perspective

By Debalina Ghoshal

Australia’s threat perceptions over the years have reinforced the perceived need to strengthen its maritime capabilities.…

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Australia’s Northern Strategic Geography Conundrum

By John Coyne

Northern Australia is becoming increasingly important to the United States and its Indo-Pacific presence. What is…

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Special Reports
On March 24, 2022, the Williams Foundation held its first of two seminars to be held this year....
Book Review
During my flight from LA to Sydney, I had time to read Philip Short’s more than 800 page book entitled Putin. This is an important book and should certainly be read by the younger generation of Westerners who did not...
Featured Defense System
By Robbin Laird

The photo dated September 10, 2022 shows the Devil Ray T-38 and Saildrone Explorer operating in the Gulf of Aqaba, Sept. 10, during Eager Lion 2022. Eager Lion is an exercise between the U.S., Jordan & 28 partner nations focused on enhancing military cooperation & interoperability. Recently, Iran temporarily capture a Saildrone Explorer  in the Red Sea. It would make sense to operate it with the Devil Ray which can provide some protection against adversaries trying to seize the saildrone. But the U.S. Navy to recapture the Iranian=seized saildrone had to deploy manned assets to recover the UAS. According to the U.S. Navy: “While transiting international waters around 11 p.m. (local time), Aug. 29, U.S. 5th Fleet observed IRGCN support ship Shahid Baziar towing a Saildrone Explorer unmanned surface vessel (USV)...

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