Economic War: Trump vs. China and the Deep State – It’s About the Money

By John E. Jaggers

Candidate Trump declared he would return America’s wealth to Americans.

That promise drives the 2020 election.

It was Candidate Trump’s declaration of war on the Deep State’s “…failed, corrupt political establishment…” The Deep State has relentlessly and continues to strike back at the administration.

The 2020 election will definitively determine who’s winning.

On 29 January 2020, President Trump signed the new US, Mexico, and Canada Agreement (USMCA) after being blessed by Congress. This new trade agreement focuses trade for America’s benefit and the mutual benefits to Mexico and Canada. President Trump’s action fixes more than trade, it fixes China like neutering a dog.

We can hardly look at the fake news without being force fed the new, new narrative bombshell or crisis whose ‘explosive information’ will cause walls to close-in on President Trump. Unfortunately for 1) the Deep State, 2) China, and 3) Team Democrat, the only wall closing, is the wall closing off illegals from America.

Meanwhile, in the America beyond the fake news’ purview, Americans’ prosperity grows again.

All Americans prosper under President Trump’s leadership. President Trump’s economic policies and direct action against the world’s grifters (China) is a big reason why.

Trump’s economy beats the Bush-Obama economy.

With this new prosperity and more importantly, the small measure of stability it buys, we can ‘catch our collective breath.’ We can assess how much the Deep State’s grifting by government paid lackeys and their international partners exfiltrated (stole) from America.

George H. W. Bush (Bush 41) laid the groundwork for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Ross Perot used NAFTA politically to hobble Bush 41. 41 lost his re-elect; Clinton won with less than 50% of the popular vote.

A few years later, President Clinton speechified how NAFTA delivers social progress and a new world economic order. Clinton signed NAFTA. Sadly, the only progress Americans made for ourselves and our kids were nation-wide jobs and factories lost.

That was unheard of before NAFTA.

Post NAFTA, Mexico and Canada opened their trade doors to China.

China “back-doored” trade into America through NAFTA product origination loopholes.

As IT peeps say, this was a feature, not a bug.

The 21st century started with a contested election between two (of likely many) Deep State factions – Team Bush and Team Clinton.  Team Bush (Bush 43) won round one of the 21st century’s winner takes all presidential sweepstakes. Nine months later, Deep State failures led to the 9/11 attack on America, on American soil, with American planes, by Islamic supremacist Jihadis, from one of America’s allies – Saudi Arabia.  We (the public) forgot China.  The Deep State did not.

The attack’s technique leveraged terrorism to create crisis. In December 2001, while the response to the ‘terrorism’ crisis continued (NOT a response to Islamic supremacism), our elite (Deep State) admitted Communist China to the World Trade Organization, (WTO). As Rahm Emanuel said, “…a crisis lets you do things that you could not otherwise do under ‘normal’ conditions.” China entered the WTO under favorable, under-developed nation status. China accessed ‘for free’ US markets while protecting her markets. America responded to the real crisis of terrorist attacks with the right hand. Our grifting Deep State, with a hidden left hand, opened the US directly and through NAFTA, to corrupt communists (repetitious, I know.)

According to a Pentagon study, the War on Terror (Endless War), Afghanistan, cost $1,500, 000,000,000.  That’s $1.5 TRILLION. Other estimates place the cost higher, at $6.400,000,000,000.  That is $6.4 TRILLION DOLLARS. China, in trade imbalances, cost America $9,065,180,000,000 or $9.1 TRILLION DOLLARS. If you include intellectual property (IP) theft and forced technology transfers, add between $225,000,000,000 and $600,000,000,000 ($225 to $600 Billion) per year to those totals.  Trading with China cost between $10,565,180,000,000 and $30,949,631,578,947 ($10.6 to $30.9 TRILLION DOLLARS).

Americans paid dearly for China ‘trade’(theft?) and Endless War. The US Census reports there are 329M people in America.  A Yale study, cited in the Washington Times states there are up to 30,000,000 (30M) illegals with the likely number being 22,000,000 (22M). Using the Yale number of 22M illegals, we can estimate there are 307M legal, American citizens.  Make the cost personal.  Divide the total cost of Deep State deliberate exfiltration by number of legal Americans. ($10.6T/307M or $30.9T/307M).  The Endless War and China cost each legal American $34,528. When you accept Chinese IP theft at ($600B plus)/year with a $6.4T and counting Endless War, the Deep State cost $100,578/legal American.

Put another way, the Deep State exfiltrated, over two decades, $503,257/family of five.

This doesn’t include costs of: illegal aliens, law enforcement malfeasance, unemployment, forced welfare, the opioid epidemic, or the impact of rapidly escalating university education costs on families.

President Trump implicitly understands the cost of Deep State fraud.  When he speaks to Americans about saving and loving America, it harkens back to the founders.

After our founders won independence, they expressly informed the world that American government is constituted to protect our rights and secure the blessings of liberty for “…ourselves and our posterity…” (understood in context to be prosperity, and more succinctly: the $ for us, and our kids).

Our founders understood, it’s about the money.

President Trump understands, it’s about the money.

The Deep State understands, it’s about the money. Hunter Biden understands, it’s about the money.

Trump-voters KNOW, it’s about the money.

Americans want their money back.

They want the freedom money buys.

2020 will be a referendum.

It’s either America First or Deep State first.

I can think of $103,257 plus reasons why it’s America First.

Mr. John E. Jaggers was a ‘Trump Original’ working as State Director in MD, where he swept for Candidate Trump in the primary, Worked the 2016 Convention Floor, Worked as a State Director in the General Election, and was a member of the Transition Team for the VA and policy areas concerning Grants, Acquisition, and IT. He now works in private industry, after a brief tenure in the administration working on Buy American policy.