Australian Army Acquires Autonomous Technology Ground Vehicles

By Australian Defence Business Review

BAE Systems Australia has announced the delivery of 20 M113AS4 APCs converted as optionally crewed combat vehicles (OCCV) to the Australian Army.

Fitted with a BAE Systems-developed vehicle management system that enables the vehicles to be operated autonomously, the vehicles will be used as part of a demonstration program to investigate the benefits of integrated autonomous technologies on future battlefields.

The program comes after four OCCVs participated in Exercise Koolendong, a live-fire warfighting exercise in the Northern Territory which tested the vehicles’ ability to operate in harsh combat environments.

“It’s exciting because we have a unique opportunity to partner and work with Army to develop this technology together,” Director of BAE Systems Australia’s Red Ochre Labs, Adam Watson said in a release. “This way we can ensure the best capability and value for money.”

This article was written by Andrew McLaughlin by ADBR on November 25, 2021.