Indian Navy to Buy MH-60 Romeo

By Sam LaGrone

The Indian Navy is expanding its fleet of anti-submarine warfare helicopters with a $904-million buy of 24 Sikorsky MH-60Rs…

The new helicopters are set to supersede India’s current fleet of British Sea King ASW helos.

The new helicopters could enter service by 2024, said Tom Kane, director of Sikorsky Naval Helicopters Programs.

The first helicopter, one of three originally earmarked for the U.S. Navy, will deliver to the Indian Navy as early as this spring, Kane said.

The trio of Romeos, currently in preservation status in upstate New York, are slated to be the first training aircraft for Indian crews who will learn how to fly the helicopter in the U.S.

The featured photo shows another ally’s Seahawks, namely, the Australians.

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