Penten Looks to Expand AltoCrypt Market: The Royal Australian Navy as Potential Customer

By Andrew McLaughlin

Canberra-based cyber security company Penten has broadened the utility of its AltoCrypt secure mobility communications range of devices by offering them as an alternative to secure cabling for naval vessels and shore facilities.

Penten already provides secure mobility solutions to Defence and other National Security departments in Australia and UK, by enabling staff to work anywhere anytime, with access to classified material when and where they need it.

“Our aim is to help protect those who protect us,” Penten’s Director Defence and Intelligence, Josh Bolton said in a statement. “We want to provide the best solutions to allow Defence to do important work while offering the flexibility of a modern workplace, whether that be aboard a ship or ashore.

“Our products are currently being used in Australia and the UK and represent an opportunity for digital evolution within Australia’s Government sector. It’s time to move ahead with the latest technology.”

Penten says its Australian-designed and developed AltoCrypt range of secure mobility solutions have been developed to meet the threats and needs of the Defence and National Security agencies. Led by the AltoCrypt Stik, the unique design enables users to access Wi-Fi to roam cable free, collaborate and have access to their sensitive data.

The AltoCrypt pBox, enables users to stay connected by allowing a phone to be taken into a secure environment. The portable container prevents the device from eavesdropping or using the camera.

This article was published by ADBR on October 12, 2019.

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