Combined Arms Operations of Manned Aircraft with Maritime Autonomous Systems

By Robbin Laird

Maritime autonomous systems can be used a variety of ways to support the combat force.

My book to be published this month, The Coming of Maritime Autonomous Systems: Empowering and Enhancing the Kill Web Force discusses how they can complement, supplement or supplant a manned force in specific combat situations.

This report looks at one special case, namely how manned aircraft can work with maritime autonomous systems.

Featured Photo:

In this screen grab from video, munitions launched from a Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System destroys a training target in the Arabian Gulf during Exercise Digital Talon, Oct. 23. U.S. Naval Forces Central Command recently completed Exercise Digital Talon, demonstrating the ability of unmanned platforms to pair with traditionally crewed ships in “manned-unmanned teaming” to identify and target hostile forces at sea. Then, using munitions launched from another unmanned platform, engaged and destroyed those targets. (U.S. Navy courtesy photo)


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