Not Letting a False Legend be Created: Rolling Back the Main Stream Media on the Dr. Ford “Record”

By Ed Timperlake

“This is the West, sir,” the reporter explains quietly.

When the legend becomes factprint the legend.

This is a line for the ages spoken in an American classic movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Combine that insightful line with a classic PR dictum that; a charge made in public and not knocked down is a charge accepted.

President Trump and Judge Kavanaugh certainly understood the latter while Democrat “talking points” are trying to exploit and take advantage of the former.

If all are not careful the never-ending Democrat “spin machine” will try mightily to have their “legend” of what happened in the Judge Kavanaugh fight become the historical record.

This cannot be allowed.

Many critics of Judge Kavanaugh, either as talking heads on cable shows, or in the Main Stream Media venues are never giving their fight up.  Even with his being sworn in, they are in full cry that the process was fatally flawed because the FBI did not interview Judge Kavanaugh nor Christine Baisy-Ford.

Their logic is that the narrow scope of the FBI to gather additional evidence into one of the most famous “he said/she said” moments in our history will forever make that process and hence his position on the Supreme Court invalid.

They will never accept that the FBI interviews exonerated Judge Kavanaugh by not bring forth any further evidence. Our children’s children will be grateful that a brilliant honorable man is now on the Supreme Court.

However, their very public “talking points” is that neither Judge Kavanaugh nor Dr. Ford were interviewed and that point makes the process incomplete and forever more tainted.

They overlook that  both participants under oath for many hours allowed all  Americans to see real time the exact words that they would have repeated to FBI Special Agents out of sight or perjury would have be committed.

Both sides testified over and over to the best of their recollections of the events in the Summer ‘82 and when it ended and FBI finished round seven background Investigation, Judge Kavanaugh was validated in telling the truth. Dr. Ford should consider herself very fortunate that the FBI did not interview her.

Chairman Grassley’s request for more evidence in an October 4 2018 request to her legal team puts them all in considerably legal danger.

OCTOBER 04, 2018

Grassley Repeats Request of Katz, Bromwich, Banks to Provide Evidence Cited, Reported but Never Provided to Committee. Grassley asked the lawyers for Ford to provide the material to committee members last week during day five of the Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination and again in a letter dated Oct. 2. In response to the Oct. 2 letter, the lawyers said they’d turn the documents over to the FBI. In his request tonight, Grassley said this answer doesn’t make sense because the Senate has a constitutional obligation to investigate Ford’s allegations independently of the FBI and that the Senate advises on nominations, not the FBI. If the evidence went to a national newspaper, “there is no reason for you to not produce the evidence to the Senate,” Grassley said.

I urge you once again, now for the third time in writing, to turn over the therapy notes, polygraph materials, and communications with The Washington Post that Dr. Ford has relied upon as evidence.

Had the FBI interviewed her earlier, they could have asked for the same information Chairman Grassley has yet to receive, but with one additional question; May we see your therapist notes and poly test that you presented in some fashion to Washington Post?

But all is not lost if Dr. Ford wishes to make a full disclosure even now, because she can  voluntary turn over everything Chairman Grassley requested, including her therapist notes without even having an FBI agent request she do so.

It is no surprise that is the last thing Dr. Ford  wants is a full disclosure strategy of  “the truth shall set you free”.

That simple direct point is validated by her stated actions:

In a sit-down interview with CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash, Katz said Ford does not want Democrats to pursue allegations against Kavanaugh if they retake Congress in November. “Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort. What she did was to come forward and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee and agree to cooperate with any investigation by the FBI, and that’s what she sought to do here,” said Katz.

Asked if Ford would like Democrats to consider bringing impeachment hearings against Kavanaugh, Katz responded with a simple “no.”

Translated bluntly and directly what Lawyer Katz is really saying on behalf of Dr. Ford-we surrender and now   Democrat leaders stop because we cannot have further discovery.

It is monumentally stupid “talking point” that Dr. Ford did not have full disclosure in her allies are trying to build into an historical false “legend.”   Dr. Ford can release all her evidence anting time she wishes.

So please keep on going with a message of impugning the process.  In fact, Ford advocates should support continuing investigation so that all Americans will see the results of the Senate, the Department of Justice and FBI evidence produced as they look into this most shameful and nasty personal attack on a good man and his family.

In this matter bygones should never be bygones and the Senate and DOJ/FBI now have a responsibility to not let it go, apparently the Democrat Party leaders also believe that-until they don’t.