The No Flag League: NFL Boycott on November 11th

By The Fighting Monk


The NFL Will Feel This On Veterans Day!

This is one that I can totally get behind.

They perform for us, and we pay them very, very, very well for doing so.

All we ask of them is that they practice their skits all week long, and then on the day of their scheduled performance, they put on their uniforms and perform.

If they insist on having a protest, they are welcome to rent the stadium and host a protest, but don’t hold “We, The People” hostage to watch a protest when we only pay them to perform the skit they practiced.

If they don’t think “We, The People” pay them, watch what happens when we quit!

Let’s do this folks!

A National total boycott of the NFL is planned for Sunday, November 11th, Veterans Day Weekend.

Boycott all football telecasts.

All fans, all ticket holders, are asked to stay away from attending or viewing any NFL games on Sunday, November 11th; let the NFL play to empty stadiums.

Honor our military, some of whom came home with the American Flag draped over their coffin.

Continue with the weekly boycott of televised games, but let’s make this a day the owners, coaches, players, and advertisers will notice.

They have a right to protest if they want to, but during the National Anthem is NOT the time or venue!

They show disrespect for our Veterans, living and dead.