Prime Minister Teresa May Personified Grace Under Pressure

By Ed Timperlake

At a joint press conference on June 4, 2019, President Trump and Prime Minister Teresa May had a very poignant moment with respect to a question about the future course of the Brexit vote.

Prime Minister May:

I still believe — I personally believe that it is in the best interest of the UK to leave the European Union with a deal. I believe there is a good deal on the table.

Obviously, it will be for whoever succeeds me as Prime Minister to take this issue forward.

President Trump:

But you never know. She’s probably a better negotiator than I am [Inaudible]. But you know what? She has got it, in a sense, John (reporter asking question). That deal is teed up. I think that deal is really teed up. I think they have to do something.

And perhaps you won’t be given the credit that you deserve if they do something, but I think you deserve a lot of credit. I really do. I think you deserve a lot of credit.

So in a very gracious moment with the Prime Minister on the eve of her returning to private life, the President of the United States pointed out for the history of our times that perhaps she will not get proper credit for something as epic and complicated as navigating the United Kingdom out the European Union.

In one historic moment England meets America as two leaders came together to further cement the Special Relationship between America and the United Kingdom.

Two famous quotes come to mind during that press conference as Prime Minister May in leaving office she stood bravely and spoke with insightful fortitude to all her citizens, it was a memorable moment of pure grace.

Reflecting on British history the great 19 th Century PM Benjamin Disraeli gave a quote for all times about one’s striving in politics: “I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole’ on becoming Prime Minister.

While in America we also have an epic quote from the Godfather saga “This is the life we have chosen.”

Both quotes capture important insights into the path taken by individuals choosing to lead a nation.

A simple rule of politics is win some lose some.

All should never forget a person who chooses a political path is first simply a human being who put themselves in the public eye to achieve positions of leadership.

The test beyond selecting out those with only blind and usually corrupt ambition is to recognize that the most are honorable people seeking a position to actually make life better for those who gave them their vote.

Both President Trump and Prime Minister May had no hidden agenda to further their personal quality of life in fact just the opposite.

With respect to their Prime Minister, the English press has had a field day mocking her crying and shame on them:

“First the Iron Lady, now the Crying Lady – after a tearful Theresa May announced her long-anticipated resignation yesterday with an emotional address outside No. 10.”

While President Trump, who was being mocked in the streets of London by a jejune blimp and other disgraceful cartoonish characters ,was having none of it.

He correctly called the over emphasis greatly out of proportion to a much larger and warmer welcome as simply more “fake news.”

Still, while there did not appear to be as many protesters as when the president visited Britain in July last year, the highlight of the demonstrations for some was, again, a 20-foot-tall inflatable balloon, known as Trump Baby.

It depicts the White House occupant as a diaper-wearing baby holding a mobile phone.

It has a scowl on its face. 

On June 4, 2019  Donald as she called him, met Theresa peer to peer with words of honor and respect.

The pre-D-Day press conference should go down in history as two mature political professionals at sending the world a joint signal of optimism.

The PM was also showing the great British “stiff upper lip” tradition in a time of her adversity.

Meanwhile, the protesters were showing in their actions as being stupid is as stupid does, literally.

The height of British insightful protesting is most often their brilliant use of an understated wit.

Brilliant cutting comebacks are a celebrated English art form employed by very smart individuals.

One just has to look at her taking on her Labor opponent the inept Jeremy Corbyn.

President Trump met PM May’s English humor with his own uniquely, New York American humor at end of the Press Conference.

Meanwhile, in the streets of London a silly balloon is simply type casting the protesters as nothing more than doltish simple wankers.

All in all it was a great day for America and Jolly Old UK.