“Colectivos” Learning From the Fate of Cuba and Venezuela

By Edward Timperlake

As America votes for President and Commander-and Chief, who has the Constitutional responsibility to safe guard us against all enemies foreign and domestic, the stakes could not be higher on both fronts.

President Trump has been building a  strong, well equipped and  superbly trained military that can guarantee first deterrence and if that breaks down the ability to fight and win against any foreign enemy.

The words “domestic enemies” since the Civil War were seen as a much lessor threat.

However, with the unchecked street thuggery being allowed by Democrat elected officials from Governors on down to mayors and others a vote to stop domestic enemies is front and center on the ballot.

One just has to look to Cuba and Venezuela to see the economic quality of life threat to America if the Democrats win and act on their socialist plank.

A warning about the danger is highlighted by by both the Cuban and Venezuelan communist leaders who use regime street violence to enforce what in Venezuela is called “Colectivos” to keep power.

Looking from Cuba to Venezuela’s  Maduro,  the current dictator who is running a criminal enterprise disguised as a government, Cuba has created and trained  Venezuelan security services are who are vicious street enforces, are known as “colectivos “

The Washington  Post actually commits an act of honest journalism in reporting on the  “colectivos:

Maduro’s muscle: Politically backed motorcycle gangs known as ‘colectivos’ are the enforcers for Venezuela’s authoritarian leader

“I call on the colectivos; the hour of resistance has arrived, active resistance in the community,” Maduro declared in the speech on Monday.

The colectivos aren’t nearly as big as Venezuela’s armed forces — they number perhaps 5,000 to 7,500 members nationwide, most of them in cities, according to Alejandro Velasco, a history professor at New York University who has studied the phenomenon.

But they help explain how Maduro has remained in power even as the country’s economy and poorly maintained power grid have broken down.

The paramilitary forces are nimble and committed — and they have an extraordinary ability to sow terror.

President Trump fully understands the stakes of this election by reaching out to the Hispanic citizens of America, whether on our Western states looking south to Mexico and Central America or our southern border on the Caribbean looking to Cuba, the Islands and South America.

His outreach is a very worthy effort because tragically many proud Hispanic families have had their lives uprooted and destroyed by socialism and dictatorial power.

His outreach effort was seen recently when he held a roundtable discussion with members of the Hispanic community in Las Vegas and as reported by One America News (great name) where he stressed his belief in that community’s values:

“Hispanic Americans embody the American dream very much, as much as anybody I can even think about,” he stated. “They embody the American dream…we’ve had tremendous support from the Hispanic Americans on the southern border because they understand the southern border better than anybody.”

Looking south from Las Vegas Nevada one would see Mexico and Central American Countries with a land connection to our Southern Border.

However, with President Trumps proven dedicated and successful focus on Hispanic outreach by protecting America’s southern flank, President Trump would have been equally correct if he had said the same words in south Florida.

Looking south for danger on both sides of America is appropriate, very prudent, and extremely important.

America’s water connection, vice land, across the Caribbean, leads to two very dangerous communist countries on our southern border–Cuba and Venezuela.

President Trump is supported by real Cuban American combat warriors who have confronted the Cuban dictatorship.

CNN misses no opportunity to ignore real news and with gross stupidity has shaped its narrative about Cuban Americans.

For example, CNN tried to fact-check President Donald Trump’s weekend claim that he received the “Bay of Pigs” award Sunday by reporting that no such award exists.

“For those confused by Trump’s claim he got the ‘highly honored Bay of Pigs Award’: He got an endorsement in 2016 from the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association. It’s not an award,” explained network fact-checker Daniel Dale.

What a nasty attack by CNN on the honor and integrity of proud courageous Cuban Americans who lost their country to Communist dictators


With respect to current events in Venezuela, the Bay of Pigs press release by the  President of the Veterans Association-Brigade 2506, Colonel Juan (Johnny) Lopez de la Cruz (USA ret)  has  a powerful insight:  “we know what it is to live under socialism,” that rings out  so true today with a huge warning for all Americans.

The time is drawing near for all American voters and we will have a clear choice in November: do our fellow voters learn from the warning offered by proud Hispanics who came to our shores to build a safe life for their families or do they vote for Democrat’s who to this day see nothing wrong, in historically embracing the vicious murderers running communist horror shows in Cuba and Venezuela?

If tragically the November vote empowers Democrats to lead our country, we would be empowering the American equivalent of ‘colectivos.”

Their kindred spirits are embodied by Antifa, an organization, currently running rampart and unchecked in the streets of many Democrat controlled cities and towns today.

Make no mistake Antifa is a domestic enemy threat  and our coming American  “colectivos”  are truly are a  clear and present danger.