Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia

By Ed Timperlake

On a beautiful early spring day in Rappahannock County Virginia known as “The Sunny side of the Blue Ridge,” a  candidate in the 2021 Virginia Republican Primary Glenn Youngkin reached out to his fellow Virginians to ask for the most precious commodity they own in a democracy–their vote.

Standing outside and framed by mountains, he sincerely expressed the courage of his convictions defining his vision for our future.

It  could have been exactly like earlier intellectual giants spoke in such informal settings such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James  Monroe and Patrick Henry, when they stood outside to speak with their fellow Virginians.

Glenn Youngkin expressed a direct profound message with perfect pitch to frame exactly why this odd year election in Virginia is so so important.

It is the moral, ethical and intellectual courage of Glenn Youngkin, and for that matter, all other Republican primary candidates, that should be recognized because it takes true fortitude to enter ones name in the current viciousness of today’s hateful public debates.

Elect Glenn Youngkin as Governor and perhaps just like in James Monroe’s time as President America will have another “Era of good feeling.”

Glenn Youngkin briefing in Rappahannock.

As Youngkin told us:

“I’M RUNNING TO REBUILD VIRGINIA into the best place in America to live, work and raise a family.

“I’m not a politician. I’m a homegrown Virginian and I’ve spent the last 30 years raising my family, serving in our church, building business and creating jobs. I’m guided by my faith, conservative values, and an unshakeable belief that Virginia should be the best.

“Political insiders and career politicians in Richmond are failing our Commonwealth with lives lost, businesses closed, jobs lost, and our basic rights challenged like never before.

Together, we can bring a new day to Virginia with fresh ideas, shared values, and innovative solutions to rebuild Virginia’s future.”

It is time to vote for a candidate, Glenn Younkin, that understands unleashing the awesome power of free market capitalism.

In America sadly, right on cue from the great historically failed communist and socialists’ fights of the twentieth Century, yet again throughout our nation career. politicians espouse the hollow and very seductively dangerous siren song of socialism which is ringing out to change the very fabric of what we aspire to as a nation.

The Virginia Governor’s election, along with New Jersey, is the next battle in a never ending campaign to keep the sacred intrinsic power of the individual free to chart their own destiny.

The great quote in putting down the promise made by those embracing communism and socialism is simple: “they can define heaven but can never furnish a road map on how to get there.”

Not far away in Rappahannock County from where Candidate Youngkin spoke a perfect example of the sweep of history changing the face of America was visible.

Rappahannock is mainly an agricultural area, but years ago there was what was known as a “sowing machine factory” where many family members worked.

Today it is abandoned, with ironically a trailer with the word “Hope” parked in the front of the previous factory.

Some manufacturing will always close because of global market competitive pressure, and this is not a “luddite” column, in fact just the opposite.

An abandoned factory that gave many work. It was known as the sowing machine factory and many families found the paycheck as crucial to their lives.

Nimble smart market driven dynamic industry changes based on meritocracy have always been a cherished part of the American experience.

The basic nature of America’s great competitive position in the world was captured with perfect clarity in a lecture at the United States Naval Academy.

Every year Nobel Laureate Professor Michelson is honored at the Michelson Memorial Lecture Series in which many distinguished Nobel Laureates and other prominent world-class scientists provide their insights on critical issues.

In 2009, Professor Christos Papadimitriou, the  Hogan Professor of Computer Science at University of California Berkeley had a very powerful insight about America, that Candidate Youngkin would understand. When asked which country in the world can lead on technological innovation and private sector growth he said America.

With all due respect to his colleagues around the world, Professor Papadimitriou believed that the United States was in the leading position for two simple reasons in advancing creative technology innovation; first America has freedom of expression, which generates a framework for the development of innovative approaches, and second our nation’s capital markets give financial support which is so significant for private sector innovative research and applications as well.

There was a saying from my training as a Marine Infantry Officer at Quantico Virginia during the Vietnam War; “you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?”

After listening to his true sincerity and with his insightful intelligence expressing his deep faith and a quest for a great future for Virginia, Candidate Glenn Youngkin in building on his successful private sector experience in running the Carlyle Group’s $230 Billion Investments, “he first walked the walk before he talked the talk.”

This makes him the best Republican Candidate in such an important early election.

Authors Note:

It appears that many republican candidates are reaching out to capture the success of President Trump in bringing jobs back. They have endorsements for individuals on the “Trump Team.”

This column is not about me but if it helps I was a very early and only “Trump for President” member of his campaign and one of his few nationwide National Security Radio Surrogates in support of Donald Trump’s successful quest to become our President. I also had two political appointments in the Reagan Administration and one each from Presidents Bush both 41 and 43.