The War In Afghanistan Is What Happens When McKinsey Types Run Everything

By Tyler Durden

Editor’s Note: This article was brought to our attention by Bill Buckey, who has significant Afghan experience and highlights one of the many aspects of how the war was fought, managed and exited that have created an historical failure of monumental proportions and with long-lasting consequences.

According to the author of the article:

“Yet, with the collapse of the Afghan army, now we see an example of what happens when a military is too dependent on contractors, and that support system is removed (which adversaries could do to the U.S. military if they pursue certain strategies.) It turns out that the cost of not being able to repair your own equipment is losing wars.

“More fundamentally, the people who are in charge of the governing institutions in our society are simply divorced from the underlying logistics of what makes them work. Everything, from the Boeing 737 Max to the opioid epidemic to the waste inside most big corporations to war, has been McKinsey-ified. And it’s all covered up with moral outrage, partisanship and culture warring, public relations, and management wisdom bullshit.”

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