You Can Serve Your Country: But the Department of Veterans AffairsWants to Know: What Gender do You Think You Are?

By Ed Timperlake

By what right does Secretary Dennis Mc Donough of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) have to know the sexual preference of combat disabled veterans?

That is exactly what is occurring to our nation’s veterans who seek medical treatment by the DVA medical system.

If a veteran has a physical at a VA Medical Center as part of the interview the examining Doctor is required to ask “what is your sexual preference.”

Even worse it was reported by a Veteran’s advocate lawyer that during a compensation and pension examination a veteran is asked the same question.

Sadly a disabled veteran at their most very vulnerable moment, being examined during a “comp and pen “ exam for physical damage in service to our country, is forced to reveal a most sacred inner core factor of their personality-‘\: What is your sexual preference?”

Such a nasty intrusive question has crossed into a person’s inner core.

Where is the line in protecting the sacred privacy and internal integrity of a veteran?

Obviously in allowing such a nasty intrusive question, Secretary Mc Donough has abdicated being a veteran’s advocate into being a Biden Administration political stooge.

The DVA can hide behind saying such a politically directed question is protected by HIPPA, which many veterans have seen means little to the department, and especially the Board of Veterans appeals (BVA).

There is hard evidence when BVA, which is designed to give the veteran the benefit of the doubt, that in some cases evidence is made public that shows they often follow a political agenda and validate the great quote told to me by a Disabled American Veteran (DAV) National Service Officer that rings so true; “they have many ways to get you. ”

HIPPA to the department at times essentially means nothing.

So ones forced honest answer to such questioning is reordered for posterity in a veterans medical file that is accessible and lasts forever.

This is so wrong, and the entire issue begs the question: why ask and document such an intrusive politically driven sexual integrity question in the first place?

I have a news flash for the Secretary, who is a non-vet, when bullets are flying and people are dying a person in combat does not care what their fellow warrior’s sexual preference is.

Consequently, the question is not designed to be helpful to a disabled veteran but rather reeks of a political agenda by sexual warrior zealots collecting agenda driven data in the Biden Administration.

Thankfully the Republican Congress in a quest for transparency and looking for the origin of such an obnoxious foolishness question can ask Secretary Mc Donough:

Who in the Biden Administration came up with such a required intrusive question, and what is the purpose and finally why did you allow it?