Secretary Michael Wynne

By Robbin Laird

Mr. Wynne (Credit: Wynne)Mr. Wynne was a political appointee in the Bush Administration from 2001 to 2008, being confirmed as the 21st Secretary of the Air Force

Earlier he held the post of Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics in the office of the Secretary of Defense.

Wynne has an accomplished record and continues to hold significant and very active roles in several private and non-profit organizations, including: the Stevens Institute; the Systems Engineering Research Center; George Mason University; VT Systems Inc; Wide Area Systems Corp; Sapphire Energy; Battelle Memorial Institute; MITRE Corp, and Rand Corp.  He currently is President of Applied Controls Associates, Inc., and director for both the Air Force Academy Endowment Board, and the Falcon Foundation.

He is a West Point graduate and holds an MBA from the University of Colorado, and a Master’s in Engineering (MSEE) from the Air Force Institute of Technology.  He also graduated from Harvard Business School’s Program for Management.

Secretary Wynne visiting Normandy during a visit to Paris while Secretary of the Air Force. With him is Robert Dooley, then USAF Attache in France.

He served in the Air Force for seven years, finishing as Assistant Professor of Astronautics, and Air Force Academy Research Department Director.

He also spent 20 years with General Dynamics working in aircraft, armored vehicles, and at corporate, concluding as Space Division President.

When it was sold to Lockheed Martin Corp, he became General Manager, and then returned to GD as Corporate Senior Vice President.

Wynne also spent time as partner in the Nextgen Investment Fund, and as chairman of two internet-based technology companies prior to his appointment in 2001.

He introduced the concept of cyberspace to the Air Force in 2005, accelerating the debate for civil. military, and intelligence uses.

Since then he has become a well recognized and leading force for change in dealing with cyber issues, arguing that cyber defense requires a fundamental shift in approach for it to be achieved.

He also motivated the services in the field of hybrid vehicles, and led investment in alternative fuel sources for base energy support and aviation fuels (JP-8). He led the largest implementation ever of ‘lean six sigma’ in the Air Force (AFSO-21).

Creating the 5th Generation Force: Secretary Wynne and Lt. Col. Berke Meet and Discuss from on Vimeo.

He has published numerous articles, and been a contributor on such diverse subjects as cyber war, air power, energy, and defense budgeting.

He is married, with four grown daughters, and lives in Virginia.

What is not widely realized is how Wynne provided a broad ranging and significant impulse to innovation in the Department of Defense.

We have published a number of pieces on the Second Line of Defense website which highlight the range of innovation which Wynne has encouraged and inspired.