10th Anniversary of Wedgetail’s Entry Into Service


2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of the E-7A Wedgetail’s introduction into RAAF Service The Royal Australian Air Force operates six E-7A Wedgetail aircraft which provide Australia with one of the most advanced air battlespace management capabilities in the world.

Based on a Boeing 737-700, the E-7A Wedgetail capability combines long-range surveillance radar, secondary radar, passive detection surveillance receivers and tactical/strategic voice and data communications systems.

Fundamentally this provides the ADF with its ability to survey, command, control and coordinate a joint air, sea and land battle in real time.

And for a tour onboard the Wedgetail, see this August 15, 2016 video provided by the RAAF.

We have visited often the Wedgetail base in Australia and discussed its role and its evolving capabilities.

The performance of Wedgetail and its operational team was a key reason while the RAF has ended up buying the capability to replace its aging AWACS.

And with the evolution of the systems onboard the aircraft has evolved from what might be understood as classic air battle management to embracing iron warfare capabilities as well in that role.

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