Direct Fire Support Weapons (DFSW) Course

By Australian Department of Defence

A range of heavy weapon and anti-armour capabilities were developed by the 6th and 8th/9th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment, during a Direct Fire Support Weapons (DFSW) course at Wide Bay training area in August.

Soldiers completed activities including an integrated gun line practice, where sustained machine gun fire was coordinated at night with 84mm illumination rounds.

Having worked hard to take part in the course, Private Joshua Simmons said it was extremely motivating to take part.

“The training has been great and it’s provided me with new skills I can take back to the battalion,” Private Simmons said.

“It’s a privilege to be on the course, and I’ve enjoyed the strong camaraderie with the other soldiers.”

Integrated gun lines are commonly used in a combined arms setting and illumination rounds are used to increase visibility during night firing.

Both units had a strong focus on anti-armour training using a combination of Javelin missiles and 84mm high-explosive rounds.

Lieutenant Joshua Benitez-Castellanos said participating in the course was exciting and educational.

“This has been an eye-opening experience because standard infantry rifle companies use similar weapons, but the techniques used by the DFSW platoon are highly specialised,” he said.

“On this course you learn a lot more about their capabilities and how they can be used tactically.”

This article was published by the Australian Department of Defence eon August 31, 2022.