The A400M and the C-130J


In this video published by Topfelya on September 26, 2018, highlights from the 2018 Farnbourgh Air Show of both the A440M and the C-130J flying are provided.

Several of the comments on the website are quite interesting as well.

Very hard to say which one is better. It all depends on what requirements a customer has and how much he’s willing to pay. The A400M has got better payload-range performance, the Herc has better range, a slight price advantage and the backing of the USAF, USSOCOM and USMC. IN terms of STOL performance they seem to be on par, though the Atlas seems to have a bit more excess power for better climb rates.

Last month indonesia hit by earthquake and tsunami in palu, C17, il 76, A400m and C130 are performing humanitarian mission. We have damaged airport in palu and so far C130 perform best compare to others, in some occasion, A400m has to land 1000km away from palu and the delivery has to be continued by C130 or super puma, eventually A400m able to land in palu, but still the hercs are the real working horse of the operation, able to deliver the goods right in the middle of palu like no other.

Airbus A400 100% mate. Ive seen it takeoff and land at tiny airports such as Dundee and low flying over my house when the RAF train here on a weekly basis. The C130 is a good work horse, but in action when you see it , the A400 just looks and feels more impressive low level. Thats an opinion Ive formed ever since they began low level training here and I love seeing the A400 whenever its here.