The Arafura Class OPV in the Evolving Strategic Context

By hypohystericalhistory

The Arafura class OPV is the Royal Australian Navy’s newest class of minor vessel. Intended to replace the Armidale class Patrol Boats, the Arafura will be a substantial increase in capability across the primary roles for which it was procured; border protection, maritime constabulary, fisheries protection and humanitarian and disaster relief.

However, ever since the OPV program was announced there have been questions as to what other roles these warships could fulfil, especially in a high end warfighting scenario.

This video explores the possible ways in which this class of minor vessel, if equipped appropriately, could substantially add to the ADF’s high intensity warfighting capability, specifically in the areas of surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

Published 6 March 2022.

We published the first analytical study of the Arafura class OPV which can be found in the following book: