The Brazilian Foreign Minister Visits Washington

By The Heritage Foundation

Brazil’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Ernesto Araújo is pleased to join The Heritage Foundation to deliver his first public address in Washington on Brazil’s new international strategy and President Jair Bolsonaro’s blueprint to restore the country towards a path of prosperity, safety and dignity for all Brazilians. Ambassador Araújo’s speech and the following conversation comes as Brazil and the United States launch a renewed strategic dialogue and at a moment when the two largest democracies of the Western hemisphere reach a historic level of cooperation and trust.

He will share the Brazilian government’s current views on regional and global trends and his vision for the future of the U.S.-Brazil relationship.

As Foreign Minister, Araújo has advocated for Brazil to establish stronger ties with international partners that prize the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, and human dignity. At home, he has been a supporter of consolidating the current alliance between Brazil’s classical liberals and conservatives and has been responsible for broadening the conversation on the role that values and faith have in society.