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The Hudson Institute Focuses on the Endless War: But Where is the Definition of the End Game?


At a recent session at the Hudson Institute, there was a discussion of the way ahead with regard to the endless war.

Unfortunately, the focus was on process rathe than termination or outcome.

This is why the endless war will continue at the expense of core US capabilities to deal with peer competitors.

According to the Hudson Institute:

Hudson Institute’s South and Central Asia Program hosted a conversation on the future of Afghanistan and U.S.-Afghan relations. Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor Ambassador Hamdullah Mohib and former Interior Minister of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh gave remarks followed by a discussion moderated by Hudson Senior Fellow Ambassador Husain Haqqani.Almost two years since President Trump announced his Afghanistan and South Asia strategy and 18 years since the American-led international forces went into Afghanistan to eliminate Al-Qaeda’s sanctuary provided by the brutal Taliban regime, the U.S. now embarks on a peace process that includes the Afghan Taliban. However, given the untrustworthiness of the Taliban and the decades of civil war, instability, and an unending terrorist insurgency in Afghanistan, many spectators remain concerned about the future security of the country.


Hamdullah Mohib Speaker

National Security Advisor of Afghanistan

Amrullah Saleh Speaker

Former Interior Minister of Afghanistan

Amb. Husain Haqqani Speaker

Senior Fellow and Director, South and Central Asia, Hudson Institute’s Ed Timperlake attended and asked a challenging first question of the panel and got a spirited response which can be seen in the video.