The MANTIS Sensor System

By Australian Department of Defence

The MANTIS (Mutual-Axis Neuromorphic Twin Imaging System) is the first prototype designed and developed through the Jericho Smart Sensing Lab (JSSL) at the University of Sydney. Researchers have completed a trial of the camera system at RAAF Base Richmond Weapons Range.

A neuromorphic camera has exquisite sensing capabilities, with an array of photoreceptors combined with integrated circuitry which can then mimic biological structures such as an animal’s eye.

MANTIS places a neuromorphic camera and an optical camera side by side for direct comparison which can then provide detailed information of the image in multiple layers.

The MANTIS high-speed, sensor-based prototype is showing promising signs of potentially predicting elements, such as trajectory and velocity, of incredibly fast moving objects.

Australian Department of Defence

May 15, 2021.