The Way Ahead for European Defense Cooperation: The View from the European Intervention Initiative Conference

By Media Team

This video highlights  panel 2 from the European Intervention Initiative – Conference held on June 22 and 23 2021.

According to the conference website:

“The French Air & Space force together with the other 12 European Intervention Initiative (EI2) partner Air forces hold the first edition of the EI2 Air & Space Power Conference on 22 and 23 June 2021, from 09:00 to 17:00, at the National Air and Space Museum of France in Paris – Le Bourget.

“Addressing « European air power – control of strategic and operational tempos », this first edition is oganized around 8 round tables.

“They put into perspective several challenges air powers have to face due to the multiplicity of tempos.

“Opened by general Philippe Lavigne, French Air & Space force chief of staff, and closed by Madam Florence Parly, French minister for the armed forces, the conference bring together chiefs of staff and high authorities of defense ministries, grand industry leaders, distinguished academics with the objective of promoting European strategic culture with respect to air & space power.

“It is a broadcast live conference on the French Air & Space force YouTube channel on Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 June 2021 starting at 09:00.”

This panel was moderated by Murielle Delaporte, editor of OPERATIONNELS. It was distinguished panel which included Lt. General Parisot, Dirk Hoke, Eric Beranger, Eric Trappier, and Thierry Carlier.


Currently Vice Chief of the French Air and Space Force since last March Before then (like most high level military officers), he had multiple careers (/lives) as:

  • As a pilot: commanded the 1/5 Vendée Fighter Squadron at Orange AFB in 2001
  • As a Graduate: from the Joint War College (CID), Higher Military Studies Center (CHEM) and Institute for Higher National Studies (IHEDN)
  • As a fighter: 3,000 flight hours and 81 war missions
  • As a Coalition player: First exchange and liaison officer within the Pentagon [working in the USAF Chief of staff’s Strategic Studies Group (2008)]
  • As a military planner:
  • 2018: Deputy Chief of the Chief of staff of the FASF and in charge of preparing the future


Currently Chief Executive Officer of Airbus Defence and Space since 2016

  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Brunswick in Germany
  • Started his professional career as R&D Engineer for process and software analysis in the automotive industry at Renault in Paris
  • 1996: joins Siemens
  • 2011: became the Division CEO of Industrial Solutions, including the digital platform business
  • Indeed his career spans more than 25 years and 5 continents in different industries, but with a recurring focus i.e. digitalization.


Currently Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MBDA since 2019

  • A graduate engineer from the École Polytechnique and Telecom Paris
  • Since starting his career in 1988, he has held management positions in engineering, operations and finance at France Telecom, Société Générale, and Matra Marconi Space
  • 2003: created Astrium Services
  • 2012: became CEO of Astrium Satellites
  • Prior to joining MBDA, Éric Beranger was the Chief Executive Officer of OneWeb.


Currently Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation since 2013

  • Served in the Navy during his conscription and graduated from the National Institute of Telecommunications (Telecom Sud Paris).
  • 1984: started his career at Dassault.
  • 2001: Director of military exports
  • 2006: International general director


Currently Director of the International Directorate of the DGA, French procurement Agency since 2018

  • Graduated as an aeronautic and space engineer from “Centrale” in 1990
  • Served in the Navy during his conscription ; then joined DGA
  • 2000: head of procurement policy office of DGA
  • 2013: Deputy Director for bilateral and multilateral cooperation, and for European development
  • 2014: Deputy Director for international, strategic and technological affairs at PM’s General Secretary for Defense and Security