Threats to US and Allied Air Superiority

By Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

This Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies released in January 2018 provide and overview the evolving challenges to air supremacy for the US and allied air forces.

As Air Marshal Hillier, COS of the RAF, commented recently:

“But the asymmetric advantage airpower has given us for the last three decades at least, is narrowing.

“The integration into our air forces of fifth generation capabilities such as the F-35 Lighting will only redress the delta to a degree.

“Of equal importance in maintaining our combat edge is this ability to manage vast amounts of information, and make decisions more quickly and more accurately.

“Technological developments will be a key element in ensuring that the lever of the best possible output from our air and space platforms, but our C2 structures, processes, and approach to information sharing will be a decisive factor.”