Winning the Cold Civil War

By Ed Timperlake

George Orwell made many profound points with his genius talent. In reviewing a new book by Republic Book Publishers, Winning the Second Civil War, Without Firing a Shot, Orwell’s famous quote comes to mind; “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

The quote is hugely significant because the author of this just released book is former Green Beret Jim Hanson and the brilliance of his work begins with the title: “Without firing a shot.”

A Green Beret is most definitely the type of guardian that Orwell is making reference to. But as a book about ideas and peaceful action driven team work it can never be sidelined denigrated and boycotted on social media outlets by todays angry and rather stupid woke cancel culture cubicle commandoes.

Author Jim Hanson has combined the power of the idea as seen in the Constitution as our profound American common sense of freedom and the inherent worth of the individual by his simply pointing out “we have the winning ideas.”

One of the biggest critiques of the march to socialism and ultimately communism is the quip, “anyone can define a secular heaven but no one can successfully define a roadmap.”

History has shown that a forced march to Marxist glory days is a one of the worst false god chimeras in human history.

Simply listing total Democrat controlled cities that have been essentially destroyed, except for the richest citizens, by Democrat mismanaged, greed and ineptitude is a staggering roll call of failure:

  • Chicago since 1927
  • Philadelphia since 1952
  • St Louis since 1961
  • Detroit since 1962
  • Baltimore since 1967.

The value of this book is that the author does present a real and achievable road map on a peaceful path to victory.

Especially important is that all should in the coming battle with honest elections, we all hope and pray, heed this warning because a Green Beret knows the value of teamwork and unity of purpose:

“We must work to give the angriest elements in our camp productive outlets or we risk any violence they conduct to smear the entire movement. …. We must also find a way to keep our tent as large as possible. … we cannot afford to see a split between the Fighting Right and the Establishment. Both represent a considerable portion of our constituency. …We must place the current danger and our common enemy above internal disagreements and build a better team together.”

President Reagan in my opinion could not have said it better. In fact, as a member of the Reagan Administration, I would argue that Hanson’s call to take back the country is reminiscent of Reagan’s path to political success,

This is an easy-to-read book with the bedrock power of the idea inherent in all Americans that we have a great country and it is ours to take back.

Editor’s Note:

The fracturing of American democracy is a key challenge to the future of the republic and the future of American leadership of a liberal democratic world. A lay down of government control through the COVID-19 period stemming from March 2020 is being built upon to shape even more government determination of how Americans should live. If the original Americans thought that the British stamp tax was an intrusion on their liberty, they would find what is being done in their name today simply appalling,

There is no greater threat to liberal democracy than identity politics.  Identity politics which by definition is not interested in majority politics or compromise but seizing power to coerce the non-believers into a progressively directed and led society.

The attack on historical monuments, the rewriting of history to serve the agendas of progressives, is simply a tool to tear down the democratic edifice which recognizes the achievements and failures of past generations as we go about working our current lives and future histories.

It is about recognition of the limits of human power and achievement as well as the hopes and aspirations of the futures. But for the practitioners of identity politics, the world can and should be remade in their image; they can rally their narrowly like-minded mates on facebook or whatever and seize power and shove their narrow believes down the throats of the rest of us.

This is hardly building America back “better.” But it is the grounds for continued conflict in the Cold Civil War and certainly is being seen in the outmigration of populations from states like New York and California to places like Arizona, Tennessee and Florida. In effect, we are seeing a period setting in motion conflict between the states and the federal government but 21st century style.