Media Continue Attacking Trump Despite his Week of Accomplishments and Strong Economic Growth

By Dan Gainor

If Ronald Reagan was the “Teflon president,” Donald Trump must be the Incredible Hulk president. The more the left and the media attack him, the stronger he gets.

This past week was a great example. It began with CNN worrying that fears of Russian collusion had seeped into the “bloodstream” of American politics after President Trump’s Helsinki press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter described the situation ominously: “When historians look back on the Trump presidency, they’ll say that last week was the moment something changed – when uncomfortable Q’s about Russia moved into the mainstream in a whole new way.” (The boldface type was CNN’s.)

President Trump also made progress in averting a trade war with the European Union, watched as the Trump-hating New York Daily News laid off half its staff, and joined with the families of American servicemen honoring the return of what North Korea said were the remains of 55 of our Korean War dead.….

The media have pressed President Trump hard on the economy, which has always been his ace in the hole. This past week, he and the nation got good news on that front. Even The New York Times headlined the good news: “Economy Hits a High Note, and Trump Takes a Bow.”

You’d almost never know the paper hated Trump so much. ”Tax cuts and federal spending are adding fuel to the already strong economy, putting the United States on a pace for its best year of growth in well over a decade,” the Times continued.

Then came the naysayers. NBC “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd was worried about President Trump’s reaction and “that it felt over-hyped in how he was talking about the economy.”

There was more upbeat financial news as President Trump and the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed to work toward “zero tariffs,” which is what Trump wanted all along. The broadcast networks depicted the president as caving in to prevent a trade war. The press then found a new way to the president in response – flash cards.

Here’s The Wall Street Journal report: “Mr. Juncker flipped through more than a dozen colorful cue cards with simplified explainers.” That metastasized into something ugly.

Other outlets used the nugget to treat Trump like an infant: “Juncker’s secret weapon in trade talks with Trump: color-coded flash cards,” headlined MarketWatch. The Independent went with: “Juncker used ‘brightly coloured, simple flashcards’ to explain trade to Trump during meeting…..”

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