The Sovereignty Conundrum

By Ed Conway

Editor’s Note: In a recent op ed by Ed Conway published in The Times of London on December 12, 2020, the author provided a interesting look at the sovereignty debate at the core of Brexit.  What we are publishing here is only an extract at the end of the article and we will highlight the entire article to be found on The Times website.

For in a sense, Brexit represents a test case in a far bigger matter. One of the great unresolved issues of the 21st century is how to reconcile national sovereignty with globalisation without destroying them both in the process. That objective is at the centre of these talks.

If the UK and EU can forge a deal that satisfies both sides, then it could help steer a path for other countries dancing around this problem.

A successful level playing field agreement might even provide a blueprint for how to resolve the simmering tensions between China and America, which has long complained about Beijing’s unfair support for its companies.

If, on the other hand, the negotiations fall through, it will be yet another example of a disaster fuelled in part by a misunderstanding.

And to what end?

Does sovereignty trump jobs and livelihoods?

As millions of households and businesses wonder whether they will be able to trade after December 31, they might reasonably ask whether this country really wants to crucify its economy on a cross of sovereignty.

Especially since no one can quite agree what the word actually means.

Ed Conway is economics editor of Sky News

The op ed is to be found here: