NORDEFCO’s “Vision 2025”

By Defense.Info

The Nordics are in the throes of deepening their cooperation to deal with the challenging defense, security and economic-political environment which they face.

As part of this effort, Nordic defence ministers met in Oslo 13 to 14 November 2018.

During this meeting, a working session of the Nordic and Baltic defence ministers and the Northern Group defence ministers was organized.

The Nordic defence ministers discussed current topics in Nordic defence cooperation and signed the new “Vision 2025” for NORDEFCO.

Other themes on the agenda were the NORDEFCO Easy Access project for easing border crossing, security situation in the neighboring areas and joint exercises.

The agreement priortizes a number of key tasks.

In order to operationalize the vision, we will strive towards the following targets:

By 2025 we have

  • Minimal restrictions on movement and storage of military units and equipment, between and through the nations in support of national and multinational activities, operations and deployments.
  • Increased cooperation in total defence, military security of supply and civil military cooperation.
  • Improved regional and common situational awareness in peace, crisis and conflict, in all relevant domains, through real-time information- and data sharing.
  • Enhanced NORDEFCO as a platform for crisis consultation and established mechanisms for that purpose.
  • Improved our readiness and sustainability in order to improve our ability to act together.
  • Coordinated relevant training and exercises between the Nordic countries, and we have improved interoperability.
  • Enhanced our transatlantic relations by seeking closer cooperation in areas such as training, exercises and other activities, and improved cooperation with our European partners.
  • Continued to strengthen our dialogue and cooperation with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • Improved our resilience in light of the dangers posed by hybrid threats and growing cyber threats.
  • Coordinated our international operations with a focus on national contributions, command and control and joint logistics, when possible.
  • Enhanced our engagement in capacity building efforts to promote stability and security in conflict-areas.
  • Established logistical cooperation where possible and desirable, with mutual measures to support national needs in crisis and conflict.
  • Established a strategic dialogue to enhance capability development in order to meet the requirements needed to address the security environment.
  • An active and flexible partner in the Nordic defence industry in developing capabilities and finding new solutions to armaments and total defence requirements, including through utilization of the possibilities inherent in the proposed European Defence Fund as well as other relevant fora and instruments.
  • Established options for common education and training to maximize effectiveness and availability in all Nordic development and procurement programs.
  • Enhanced our armaments coordination and cooperation.

The featured photo shows the Defense Ministers signing the “Vision 2025: agreement.