“One Percent”

By T. C. Pellegatta Jr

United States Marine Corps. Trained /MOS 0311

Never went to war

Did what was asked of me

For God and Country


One Percent

United States Marine Corps

One of

One Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand

Young Men

Fight and Die

Pasty White Man’s War

Some came back wounded

Some never seen again


One Percent

Fat Cats

Have Money

Stay Home

Never go

Reap Benefits Eat Caviar

Drive fancy cars

Smoke fat cigars

Spoils of war

War based economy

Controlled by



Fat Cats

K Street Addresses

Limo Rides

Beautiful Women


Maybe Not

Black Tie

Embassy Row

Deals Made

Money in Pocket

Nineteen Fifty Nine

Be Aware

“The Military Industrial Complex”

Pres. Eisenhower said


2020 Still the same


Pasty White Man’s War

Some came back wounded

Some never seen again



Sometime Can’t Sleep

Guilt Trip


Run down Cheeks

In Ears

South East Asia

Many Marines

Still There

My Brothers


Editor’s Note: This is a new poem from Ted Pellegatta.

He is former US Marine 0311 a proud infantry riflemen living in Rappahnnock County Virginia. We reviewed both Ted’s wonderful book of nature photography and recently published book of poetry  “Lyric;Words on a Page.”

And he was also featured in Rappahannock News:

Rappahannock wordsmith and photographer Ted Pellegatta Jr., has a new book available via Amazon.com — print and Kindle editions — titled, “Lyric: Words on a Page.” “Stories of almost eight decades of living,” explains the Sperryville resident, “the whole world to Rappahannock County.

A great lesson from serving in the Marine infantry was brilliantly expressed by my friend Bill Jayne, a Marine Lance Corporal, wounded at the siege of Khe Sanh.  When things get tough remember  infantry rules; just put one foot in front of another and keep going forward.

Ted with both his great photographers eye and insightful way with words offered a new poem and it is a worthy work of art from  a former Marine moving forward in his life’s journey; Heavy Wind 41 Degrees, Saturday 1430