Australia Considers its Strategic Options: The Importance of Shaping an Independent Strike Capability

By Robbin Laird

Australia is engaged in a significant process of defense modernization and working closely with its closest allies in this process.

But looking beyond what the current trajectory of modernization, what course might Australia follow going forward?

We have published a look at paths which Australia might take going forward.

The Future of Australian Defense in a Dynamically Changing Region

The next Williams Foundation Seminar to be held in Canberra Australia on August 23, 2018 will address the core question of what role for independent strike for the Australian forces?

This seminar seeks to build a common understanding of the need for an independent joint strike capability to provide Australia with a powerful and potent deterrent and a means of demonstrating strategic intent.  It will highlight the impact on the national, campaign, operational and tactical levels, and discuss the ways joint strike can add a further dimension to future Australian Defence and national security policy.

And Central Blue, the Williams Foundation op ed, on the Williams Foundation website, is asking for submissions to their analytical efforts to understand the dynamics of change and options for Australia.

With this background and intent in mind, the editors at The Central Blue have come up with a number of topics to provoke your thinking in the lead up to the seminar. This is by no means an exhaustive list but we hope it prompts mental contact!

Questions to :

  • What is the impact of #jointstrike on the national, campaign, operational and tactical levels?
  • Can #jointstrike bring a new dimension to future Australian defence and national security policy?
  • How have partner forces developed and employed #jointstrike capabilities in recent campaigns?
  • What can surface forces bring to the #jointstrike capability
  • What does multi-domain #jointstrike look like and how would it work?
  • How does Australia’s emerging amphibious capabilities contribute to #jointstrike?
  • How do we best understand the #jointstrike options available and of the best way of delivering a balanced range of strike capabilities across the Australian Defence Force?
  • What emerging technologies should be considered to enable support, planning and targeting systems?
  • How do emerging #jointstrike options such as cyber and electronic warfare affect traditional notions of warfare and combat?
  • What are the impacts of emerging #jointstrike capabilities on training and exercise regimens?
  • What is the role of modelling and simulation in optimising and developing a mature and sophisticated #jointstrike capability?
  • Should Australia consider a nuclear #jointstrike option?
  • How would an nuclear strike capability in Australia’s region impact the power structures and relationships?
  • What impacts would prioritising #jointstrike have on Australia’s existing and future force structures?

Photo shows a hypersonic craft undergoing tests.