Australia, the UK and Shaping a Way Ahead for Military Transformation

By Robbin Laird, Research Fellow, The Williams Foundation, Canberra, Australia

Australia and the UK are located in very different parts of the world. But both face significant challenges from a regional power with global reach.

And both are reshaping their militaries to face the strategic shift from the land wars to full spectrum crisis management.

Each has a different trajectory but through the common acquisition of the F-35, have cross-cutting transformation trajectories which will influence each other.

And this is not due just to historical roots, but to the fact that for the first time in a significant period, both a flying the same combat aircraft.

This report examines how each nation is addressing its military transformation and the evolving strategic context within which this unfolding.

And the question of collaborative opportunities which might flow from their cross-cutting transformation processes are addressed.


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