A Significant Afghan War Reset: Moving Away From the Endless War

By Ed Timperlake

In stepping up to change the engagement dynamics of how to bring peace to Afghanistan and end the current “Forever War,” Erik Prince released a very insightful video in English and also in Dari for the Afghans to see themselves.

His vision captures a bold plan that says; enough with the current 17 + years of unimaginative linear strategic planning.  He has made a very public call for dramatic change in how to engage on the ground to bring a peaceful solution to that country.

Last FalI, I posed the question: Is President Trump at essentially a pre-Grant moment with Jim Mattis?

Is this a pre-General Grant moment?

General Mattis USMC (ret) and now Defense Secretary Mattis has been at the highest levels of leadership fighting the Afghan war for almost 25% of the time the war has gone on.

It turns out he was.

Now with the relieving of his Secretary of Defense, over his lack of a strategic vision for Afghanistan, the President has the opportunity in his search process to ask what his new candidates for the Secretary of Defense position what they think of Erik Prince’s innovative plan.