The Williams Foundation Corner

By editorial team

We have a partner’s corner highlighting recent publications by our partners from India to Europe to Asia.

We are highlighting one special partner, The Sir Richard Williams Foundation, because of the importance of the work they do both for Australia and its core allies.

The Sir Richard Williams Foundation is an independent research organisation whose purpose is to promote the development and effective implementation of national security and defence policies for Australia.

The Foundation usually hold two seminars a year the most recent was on the Requirements of High Intensity Conflict  and the Foundation also commissions research papers the most recent being on Integrated Air and Missile Defence

They are holding their next Seminar on The Need for an Independent Deterrent – A Joint Strike Seminar on 22 August 2018.

They have held a series of seminars over the past few years highlighting the transition of the Australian Defence Force and the shaping of fifth generation warfare.  Several US and allied speakers have participated in these seminars which have functioned as key fora for discussing the way ahead to deal with military transformation in the context of a world in significant strategic change.

We have included in this section the reports on these seminars over the past few years, and we will provide as well materials on the latest or forthcoming seminars as well as publications from their blog, Central Blue.

We have produced seven reports with the Williams Foundation since 2014 and anticipate two reports this year focusing on the transition from the land wars.

These reports take a comprehensive look at the dynamics of change for allied militaries as they transition to a fifth generation-enabled combat force and can all be found on our website in one place. 

Williams Foundation Report 1

Australian Defense Modernization: Shaping Capabilities for 21st Century Operations


Williams Foundation Report 2

Integrating Innovative Airpower: A Report from the Copenhagen Airpower Symposium


Williams Foundation Report 3

Plan Jericho: The RAAF Shapes a Transformation Strategy


Williams Foundation Report 4

New Approaches to Air-Land Integration: A Williams Seminar on 5th Generation Enabled Combat Operations


Williams Foundation Report 5

New Approaches to Air-Sea Integration


Williams Foundation Report 6

Designing the Integrated Force


Williams Foundation Report 7

The Future of Electronic Warfare


We are also including on’s website the report by Air Vice-Marshal John Blackburn AO (Retired) published by the Williams Foundation, April 2017.